Aditya Gokal, Corporate Finance Manager

My role at GPE

I’m the Corporate Finance Manager, which means that I work on everything to do with debt, cash management, structuring and taxation.

We’re a very small team so we all trust each other to produce high-quality work. And that’s really satisfying. Completing some of our financing deals, such as our October 2014 £450m revolving credit facility, makes me proud of working at GPE.

All of us work hard, but with that come opportunities and reward. For me, this is so important – that you enjoy what you do and that you’re constantly challenged.

The team effort that goes into each project is something we can all be very proud of. You can really feel it when walking around a new building or refurbishment we’ve done.

Aditya Gokal Corporate Finance Manager

I’ll work with the rest of the corporate finance team most days but, depending on what’s happening, also with the development, asset management and investment teams. It is varied. We have an open door policy here so I’ve had the chance to work with most people in the company.

Meeting the challenge

The most important skill you need to do this job? Taking ownership of any task that comes your way.

I find the biggest challenge is keeping up with news, changes in legislation and what our peer group are doing. I follow the news daily and we have a strong network of advisers who help keep us up to date.

GPE also offers plenty of opportunities for training so I’ve made good use of that. I’ll look to go on external courses a couple of times a year and will also go to breakfast roundtables and seminars with our lawyers and banks.

A typical day?

My day could involve…

  • A quick glance at the newspaper and online property news to check for any reported deals
  • Working on any current deals, often with our relationship banks, lawyers or other advisors
  • Networking with peers or debt providers at lunches or post-work drinks – that’s a perk of the job but also helps to build strong connections

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