Great Portland Estates PLC 19 June 2007 Information Update In accordance with Prospectus Rule 5.2.1 R, Great Portland Estates plc ('the Company') announces that the information below has been published or made available to the public over the previous 12 months in accordance with laws and rules dealing with regulation of securities, issues of securities and securities markets. In accordance with Article 27(3) of the Prospectus Disclosure Regulation it is acknowledged that whilst the information referred to below was correct at the time of publication, such disclosures may, at any time, become out of date due to changing circumstances. Details of all regulatory announcements for the Company can be found on the London Stock Exchange website at 1. Announcements made via the Regulatory Information Service 08-Jun-06 Annual Information Update 21-Jun-06 Great Portland Estates forwarded sells Tooley Street development 06-Jul-06 AGM Statement 10-Jul-06 Notice of Quarterly Valuation Announcement 10-Jul-06 Directors/PDMR Shareholding 11-Jul-06 Directors/PDMR Shareholding 17-Jul-06 Directors/PDMR Shareholding 18-Jul-06 Quarterly valuation 26-Jul-06 Great Portland forms West End JV with Scottish Widows 04-Aug-06 Great Portland Estates buys in Hanover Square 04-Aug-06 Disposal: 18 & 19 Hanover Square, London W1 19-Sep-06 Great Portland announces £1.3 million of lettings in Sackville Street, W1 21-Sep-06 Great Portland expands in Southwark, SE1 25-Sep-06 Great Portland announces of retail lettings in JVs 26-Sep-06 Holding(s) in Company 03-Oct-06 Merger Discussions 04-Oct-06 Great Portland secures Regent Street letting treble 06-Oct-06 Blocklisting six monthly return 09-Oct-06 Holding(s) in Company 16-Oct-06 Blocklisting interim review 16-Oct-06 Rule 2.10 announcement 17-Oct-06 Secondary Placing of ordinary shares by Morgan Stanley Securities Limited 18-Oct-06 Results of Secondary Placing of ordinary shares by Morgan Stanley Securities Limited 19-Oct-06 Great Portland expands in Hanover Square and on Oxford Street 19-Oct006 Rule 2.10 announcement 19-Oct-06 Blocklisting interim review 20-Oct-06 Notice of Results 23-Oct-06 Holding(s) in Company 23-Oct-06 Holding(s) in Company 27-Oct-06 Rule 2.10 announcement 27-Oct-06 Blocklisting interim review 03-Nov-06 Blocklisting interim review 03-nov-06 Rule 2.10 announcement 03-Nov-06 Holding(s) in Company 06-Nov-06 Holding(s) in Company 14-Nov-06 Interim Results 14-Nov-06 Merger Discussions 15-Nov-06 Circular - REIT 17-Nov-06 Sellside Analyst Tour 20-Nov-06 Holding(s) in Company 28-Nov-06 Holding(s) in Company 04-Dec-06 Holding(s) in Company 13-Dec-06 Results of EGM 13-Dec-06 Debt Stock Repurchases 14-Dec-06 Director/PDMR Shareholding 20-Dec-06 Repurchased and issue of debt 22-Dec-06 Total Voting Rights 09-Jan-07 Notice of Quarterly Valuation 10-Jan-07 Director/PDMR Shareholding 17-Jan-07 Quarterly Valuation 17-Jan-07 Disposal 22-Jan-07 Total Voting Rights 23-Jan-07 New Debenture Issue Pricing 31-Jan-07 Total Voting Rights 20-Feb-07 GPE Expansion in Hanover Square 22-Feb-07 Early redemption of Debt 28-Feb-07 Total Voting Rights 16-Mar-07 Holding(s) in Company 21-Mar-07 Holding(s) in Company 22-Mar-07 Board Appointment 29-Mar-07 £460m Central London JV 30-Mar-07 Holding(s) in Company 30-Mar-07 Total Voting Rights 02-Apr-07 Holding(s) in Company 02-Apr-07 Business Update for fourth quarter 05-Apr-07 Blocklisting Interim Review 10-Apr-07 Holding(s) in Company 17-Apr-07 Notice of Results 23-Apr-07 Planning Permission 04-May-07 Holding(s) in Company 23-May-07 Final Results 24-May-07 Director/PDMR Shareholding 29-May-07 Director/PDMR Shareholding 01-Jun-07 Director/PDMR Shareholding 01-Jun-07 Director/PDMR Shareholding 08-Jun-07 Director Shareholding 2. Documents filed at Companies House The documents listed below were filed with the Registrar of Companies and copies can be obtained from Companies House, Crown Way, Cardiff CF14 3UZ, telephone 0870 333 636, e-mail: or, through Companies House Direct at 17-Jul-06 RES09 AGM Special Resolution 14-Aug-06 288a Director Appointed 12-Sep-06 363s Annual Return 04-Sep-06 288c Director's particulars changed 05-Sep-06 AA Annual Report and Accounts to 31 March 2006 22-Sep-06 363s Annual Return 28-Dec-06 RES01 Resolution to alter Articles of Association 28-Dec-06 MEM/ARTS Articles of Association 16-Jan-07 288c Change of particulars for secretary 3. Documents published or sent to shareholders or filed with the UK Listing Authority document viewing. 15-Nov-06 REIT Circular 17-Nov-06 Interim Report and Accounts for 2007 01-Jun-07 Annual Report and Accounts for 2007 4. Announcements made via Company website 06-Jul-06 AGM Proxy results 13-Dec-06 EGM Proxy Votes A copy of this Annual Information Update (which also appears on the Company website,, and all the documents referred to in it, can be obtained from the Company's Registered Office at 33 Cavendish Square, London W1G 0PW. Desna Martin Company Secretary Great Portland Estates plc 33 Cavendish Square London W1G 0PW This information is provided by RNS The company news service from the London Stock Exchange