Our long-term vision


With London’s population predicted to hit ten million by 2030, the interaction between people and place is key to the success of our buildings.

Our long-term vision for sustainability is set out in Creating sustainable spaces which aims to:

  • Create sustainable spaces – adapting our built environment to ensure that our spaces encourage maximum productivity, support wellbeing and provide the flexibility our occupiers need.
  • Create a sustainable footprint – minimising our use of natural resources and improving the efficiency of our assets, whilst contributing to local air quality improvement measures and reducing the environmental footprint of our portfolio, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable London.
  • Create sustainable relationships – with our occupiers, supply chain, government and surrounding communities. To see more of what we're doing in the community, see community relationships.

Progress against long term vision is monitored by our Sustainability Committee and publicly reported on an annual basis.

To help ensure a consistent approach to sustainable building design and create a positive, long lasting social impact on the communities in which we work, our expectations and ambitions are outlined to our partners within our Guiding Principles for Design. This is supported by our Sustainable development brief which sets out detailed guidance and deliverables for our development teams.

Additionally, our strategy to integrate the principles of social value throughout our business is summarised in our community strategy Creating sustainable relationships. Our community impact is reported on an annual basis here.

The built environment is estimated to contribute 40% of the UK’s carbon emissions. We recognise we have a role to play and have set long-term targets to reduce our carbon footprint:

  1. Achieve a 40% reduction in energy intensity (kWh per m2) and at least a 69% reduction in carbon intensity by 2030 across our portfolio
  2. All new build developments completed from 2030 onwards to be net zero carbon
  3. Set out our approach and timescales during the next financial year to become a net zero carbon business

For more on our targets see Managing sustainable buildings.

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