Our approach


Our sustainability approach is an integral part of our business strategy: designed to address material risks, meet the needs of key stakeholders and enhance the long-term value of our business through responsible property acquisition, development and management.

Integrated across investment, development and asset management, our sustainability strategy ensures that we meet both current and future occupier needs, as well as the needs of the wider environment, through the responsible development and management of our buildings.

Janine Cole Head of Sustainability

Our long term vision for sustainability is set out in "Creating Sustainable Spaces" and communicates how we plan to create sustainable places, a sustainable footprint and sustainable relationships into the 2030s.

As part of our annual sustainability strategy review, a gap analysis is undertaken to ensure that:

  • Current regulatory requirements are met, and where appropriate, exceeded
  • We evolve to keep pace and prepare for changes in legislation
  • Our strategy reflects the expectations of our stakeholders
  • Our strategy reflects industry best practice
  • Our sustainability strategy is compatible with our overall business strategy

Our sustainability strategy is structured around key corporate risks and industry best practice to ensure that we:

  • Create sustainable spaces, reducing obsolescence
  • Manage sustainable spaces, meeting changing occupiers’ demands
  • Enhance the way we work with our investors, the local community, suppliers and our people

Material areas addressed include:

  • Engagement with our investors on sustainability
  • Resource management, reducing energy consumption, mitigating climate change
  • Waste management
  • Occupier engagement
  • Meeting and exceeding regulatory and planning requirements
  • Responsible sourcing
  • Working collaboratively with our contractors
  • Ensuring the smooth transition of our buildings through construction, commissioning, fit-out and into occupation
  • Wellbeing
  • Social Value

Managing sustainability

Our Sustainability Committee meets on a quarterly basis and is chaired by our Chief Executive. The Committee is responsible for the strategic direction of the Group’s sustainability policies and procedures.

We monitor progress on our strategy quarterly through our Sustainability Policy Committee and Environmental Working Group. Our achievements are reported internally every year. To ensure transparency in our reporting, we use consultants to assure our data and progress against some targets. Where appropriate targets are included in employees’ personal objectives and are considered part of their appraisal and bonus achievement. 

To provide transparency when reporting our sustainability performance, we participate in a number of external benchmarks and ratings including:

  • Carbon Disclosure Project
  • FTSE4Good

We are also members of the Ethibel Excellence Register and align our reporting with EPRA Best Practice in Sustainability Reporting Guidelines.

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