Our innovative technology

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The pace of technological change is accelerating fast and we are utilising its benefits to enhance the occupier experience. We are employing a number of leading technologies including our integrated building app ‘sesame’, which can automate access to our buildings and provide environmental control, and the use of digital twin technology to deliver real-time data allowing our occupiers to better understand how the building is operating and being utilised. All of these are being utilised at The Hickman, E1, our development in Whitechapel, our most intelligent and technologically advanced building to date.

Technology supporting an enhanced occupier experience

In order to ensure that our spaces continue to meet the needs of our occupiers into the next decade and beyond, we need to create buildings which offer their users:

– sustainable spaces that promote health and wellbeing;

– control over their environment;

– choice of where they work in a supported, relaxed environment; and

– access to superior levels of service and amenity.

Advances in technology can help deliver these goals. Our smartphone app, ‘sesame’, puts greater control in the hands of the user, through automated building access and the ability to adjust cooling and lighting. It also provides a number of services to building occupiers including the provision of a community platform, a library of newspapers and magazines and a lifestyle concierge service.

Moreover, the data generated by the app, in combination with sensors in the workplace, can provide constant anonymous feedback on occupancy levels, temperature, light levels, air quality and noise. This feedback will allow us to work with our occupiers to adapt and flex the building environment as their business needs evolve. We are also utilising digital twin technology to monitor the real-time performance of the building to ensure the building is operating as designed and even anticipate when items of plant and machinery need replacing.

At The Hickman, our 74,400 sq ft development in Whitechapel, E1, we have fully integrated technology, sustainability and wellbeing from inception. We are refurbishing the fabric of the existing building to reduce the total embodied carbon of the project and, with a BREEAM Excellent and EPC A rating targeted, it is expected that the building will achieve an energy improvement of almost 40% over current Building Regulations’ energy efficiency requirements.

The Hickman will also be able to learn and adapt according to use, meaning we are able to optimise the conditions for occupation, reducing energy consumption and associated carbon emissions, whilst improving comfort levels for our occupiers.

Through our fresh contemporary design, we will be able to offer a choice of flexible work settings, providing opportunities for quiet, independent work as well as collaboration space. Furthermore, occupiers will also benefit from our lifestyle service, allowing them to access a host of other, value added services at a push of a button.

In line with our commitment to promote improved air quality and biodiversity, we are increasing urban greening, installing a green roof, terraces and planting within the courtyard. The provision of 79 bike spaces and showers, coupled with the close proximity of a public park, will provide further opportunities for our occupiers to exercise and access outdoor space, positively impacting their wellbeing.