Our people are the key to our success. Their expertise, wellbeing, and performance have a significant impact on everything we do, and ultimately on our performance as a company.

GPE is powered by people. Our ambition is to unlock and realise our human potential, creating opportunities for our people, and ultimately our customers to thrive. We aspire to be the place where the best people do their best work.

Carrie Heiss
Carrie Heiss
Human Resources Director

Culture at GPE

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    Our culture is progressive. It comprises an entrepreneurial spirit and an open, pragmatic approach combined with innovative thinking and intellectual rigour to deliver compelling results for our customers.  Teamwork and pulling together for a common objective are core to how we operate, both within and across teams.

Our Values

Hear from our CEO, Toby Courtauld, and our people

We Achieve More Together
Demonstrated by collaboration, support, challenge and contribution.
We are Committed to Excellence
Demonstrated by diversity, diligence, focus and pride.
We are Fair and Inclusive
Demonstrated by inclusion, open-mindedness and transparency.
We Embrace Opportunity
Demonstrated by Forward-thinking, courage, energy, boldness.
We Value Every Customer
Demonstrated by adding value, keeping our word, listening, energy, and flexibility.