Owning and managing all our buildings means we put our customers at the heart of everything we do.

What do our brand pillars mean to our customers?


What our customers say about us

  • Image of collaboration area at 16 Dufour's

    Moving in here has been a really great experience for all of us, we’ve been able to move into the space and setup quickly. The fact that you can come to a space that’s fitted out already in a such a great and modern way, means we have been able to focus on getting our jobs done.

    Tahnee Andreson

    People Experience Manager
    Wunderkind, customer at 16 Dufour’s Place

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  • 16 Dufour’s Place, Soho

    When we first moved in we expected it to be a minimal service and for the guys to not really know us and to be just welcoming guests, but they genuinely feel part of our team.

    Oli Foster

    Chief Executive
    Pagefield, customer at 16 Dufour’s Place

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  • Hanover

    We got a 20 year lease here at Hanover Square, we loved the building when we saw the capability of what it could offer us in space. The ready to fit concept was definitely the area we wanted to focus on for our fit out, it gave us the blank canvas to make a much more bespoke design. Work very closely in collaboration with everyone on how we design the space down to the finite detail.

    Simon Booth

    Head of Office Operations for EMEA
    KKR, customer at Hanover

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