Key to advancing our purpose to unlock potential, creating sustainable spaces for London to thrive, this Brief sets out how we achieve our commitments in our Sustainability Statement of Intent from design and development to fit out and operation of all our spaces, whether Ready to Fit or Fully Managed. We are taking a Customer First approach to integrating climate resilience across our entire business, designing our buildings using nature-based solutions and ensuring they meet evolving legislation.​ Circular thinking is firmly embedded in our design process as we take a ‘retain, repurpose, reuse’ approach, ultimately maximising recycled content and minimising the use of new materials.​ And opportunities for innovation are embraced throughout the lifecycle of our spaces and buildings. Using Digital Twin technology, we’re transforming processes from design to construction and from fit out to operation.​


Our evolving approach

Integrating climate resilience
Climate resilience is now at the centre of our sustainability strategy, supporting us in designing our spaces with nature-based solutions to meet the ever evolving requirements of our stakeholders.
Circular thinking
We are minimising carbon emissions and embracing the principles of the circular economy, retaining, repurposing and reusing as much of the existing building or space as possible whilst maximising recycled content and minimising the use of new materials.
We are embracing the opportunity presented by technology from design to construction and from fit out to operation to help us meet our net zero carbon targets and the requirements of our stakeholders.
We will create exceptional, inviting workspaces that meet and exceed the needs of our customers. We put our customers at the heart of everything we do, embracing open dialogue on how we can jointly meet our sustainability ambitions.
We maintain close positive relationships with our communities prioritising climate resilience and supporting access to and management of existing and new green spaces. Our Social Impact Strategy is integrated throughout the design, construction, fit out and operation of our spaces.
We are working with our experienced supply chain partners to deliver on our sustainability ambitions, we are highly collaborative, encourage innovation and open debate.