Our holistic approach: 2 Aldermanbury Square

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At 2 Aldermanbury Square, EC2, our 320,000 sq ft headquarters development, the principles of our sustainability strategy were embedded from the start of the design process.

Integrating climate resilience into our spaces

The development includes a blue roof water attenuation system, greywater harvesting and optimised facade design and solar shading. Landscaped balconies and ground floor landscaping is provided with a 10% increase in ecology and urban greening targeted.

Decarbonising our business

The current embodied carbon target at the time of writing is approximately 572kgCO2e/m2 with our supply chain partners committed to the challenge of delivering a building that goes beyond embodied carbon norms for a new build development. Principles of the circular economy have been integrated, including the reuse of basement walls and the dismantling of over 1,500t of structural steel during demolition, for reuse either in our portfolio or in the wider industry. Recycled content and lower carbon materials have also been maximised.

In order to minimise operational energy intensity, the development was included in the Design for Performance pioneers programme, and is now targeting a NABERS UK Design for Performance rating of 5.0 stars. With a target whole building operational energy intensity of 90kWh/m2/year

Social impact

A social value strategy is in place for both the demolition and construction, and operational phases of the building, including generating opportunities for local people, volunteering and engaging with social enterprises and local business. A dedicated social value manager for the project will work with our stakeholders for the duration of the project.

Health and wellbeing

In addition to the biodiversity features noted above, extensive public realm improvements have been provided. The building will be WELL enabled and designed to achieve a WELL Gold rating as a minimum.

Impressive environmental expectations and GPE’s commitment to work collaboratively with Clifford Chance to align with the firm’s sustainability and environmental targets were core drivers in selecting 2 Aldermanbury Square as our future London office.

Michael Bates
Managing Partner, Clifford Chance UK