Launch of new charity partnerships

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Following the launch of our Social Impact Strategy in November, and as part of our commitment to healthy and inclusive communities, we are delighted to announce our three-year strategic partnerships with XLP and National Energy Action.

XLP work to create positive futures for young people growing up on inner-city estates in London, helping them to recognise their full potential.

XLP will receive an annual corporate donation of £75,000 from GPE, at least 240 hours of GPE employee time each year and will be the focus of GPE fundraising activities over the next three years. 

As part of our Social Impact Strategy, we are also committed to developing at least one strategic partnership with an organisation working to alleviate fuel poverty and improve climate change resilience within our communities. As part of that commitment, we are pleased to announce a three-year partnership with National Energy Action, whose vision is to end fuel poverty. 

  • "XLP strive to unlock the potential of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with the ultimate goal of improving social mobility within the communities in which we are both working. We are excited to embark on this long-term relationship and know we achieve more together when it comes to creating social value for our communities. Furthermore, given the increasing number of households living in fuel poverty, we are also pleased to be able to partner with National Energy Action to support many of those in our communities who are struggling with the rising cost of energy."
    Janine Cole
    Janine Cole
    Sustainability & Social Impact Director
  • "At XLP, we are delighted to be partnering with GPE and excited for the journey ahead. From the very start, we felt a shared desire to create lasting and positive social impact together. We know that the challenges facing disadvantaged young people today in London need long-term relationships to bring about that shared goal of social transformation, and we are so pleased to be working together for the next three years."
    Luke Watson
    Luke Watson