At GPE we believe it takes a true partnership to unlock potential, that's why we work side-by-side with our customers to ensure we thrive together.

Knowing there is no one size fits all approach, we work with you to understand your challenges and changing needs; tailoring our offer to suit you as you grow and evolve. 

With extensive knowledge and experience, we always bring something to the table and come armed with fresh ideas to meet your needs. 

Our 5 customer service standards

  • Actively listen

    Actively listen

    We get personal, really listening to and getting to know our customers; asking questions and engaging in two-way dialogue so that we can deeply understand them and empathise with their needs.

  • Bring the energy

    Bring the energy

    Passionate about what we deliver, we are can-do people who bring energy and respond with speed. Proactive, we don’t sit around waiting for a problem, we anticipate and address it before it arrives.

  • Be flexible

    Be flexible

    Open and adaptable, we work collaboratively with our customers to deliver to their needs as they evolve. Understanding there is no one size fits all, we stay curious; constantly learning and staying up to date so we can tailor the best solution for each customer.

  • Add value

    Add value

    We add value through our knowledge and experience, coming prepared and bringing fresh ideas and solutions. Driven by our purpose, we seek to unlock potential and make an impact.

  • Keep our word

    Keep our word

    We are reliable and consistent partners that our customers can trust. Honest and professional, we follow through on our promises and always do what we say we’ll do.