Our deep development pipeline

Future proof

May 2020

The transformation of space remains core to our business model and our portfolio is stacked with future opportunity. We have three near-term and seven medium-term schemes, providing us with an exceptional platform of opportunities to create the sustainable spaces of tomorrow to enable both our occupiers and London to thrive.

Our pipeline of opportunity

Future proof

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How we are positioned

In addition to our six committed and near-term development schemes, our medium-term pipeline consists of a further seven schemes stacked full of opportunity. Providing us with a strong platform for organic growth and a wealth of value-creating opportunities, all of the schemes are currently income producing, are well located around major public transport interchanges in the heart of London and have flexible start dates.

Today, our total development programme is substantial, encompassing 56% of the portfolio which is set to provide in excess of 1.8 million sq ft of modern, high quality, sustainable space for London to thrive.

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