Our brand


Welcome to the new GPE brand.

Our brand has evolved

We've been working hard behind the scenes with our people to develop our brand.

You may already know us as GPE but now it's official. The evolved name stays true to our heritage but gives us a fresh identity to lead us into the future.

At GPE we believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts; as a collective, we achieve more. That’s why ‘Greater together’ as our new brand story perfectly sums up our personality.

We’ve reflected on how we operate as a business and the brand pillars we live by. Each pillar is aligned with GPE’s core areas of focus and expertise but all come together to create a GPE we can be proud of.

Greater choice. Trusted partners. Driving innovation. Future London.

These brand pillars are the heartbeat of GPE and enable us to meet evolving customer expectations for choice, flexibility and service whilst building a deeper connection with our partners, customers and communities.

The evolved brand reflects our shared values, drive and focus in delivering our purpose - unlocking potential, creating sustainable space for London to thrive.

"The world is changing, the game is changing and London is changing. In this period of transition, we have been delivering on our stated intention to design sustainable, flexible spaces in this great city, innovating to meet evolving demand. Now is the time for our brand to evolve and better reflect the business as it operates today, with a more customer-focused voice putting us in the strongest position for the future."

Toby Courtauld Chief Executive

Who we are

The word 'great' is both core to our heritage and plays a central role in our future. Great people, great potential, great properties, great partners... this is who we are.

We are greater together.

"The Greater together theme runs through everything we do and that’s never going to be more important than it is today. It resonates across every aspect of our business, from offering customers greater choice and experience to our consistently proven ability to embrace innovation and champion technology, and our approach to building a sustainable legacy for this great city. If we don’t work in collaboration with our partners and communities, we will not succeed."

Toby Courtauld Chief Executive

Our pillars

We live by our pillars. Aligned with our core areas of focus and expertise, the four pillars are the foundation for our approach, confidence and commitment to creating sustainable space for London to thrive. 

Greater Choice

We unlock the potential for thriving, sustainable communities to experience great choice in London’s most exceptional places.

Trusted Partners

We believe in the power of people and partnerships to create exceptional, climate-conscious places that deliver for our occupiers and drive consistent growth and performance for our investors.

Driving Innovation

We consistently prove our ability to think and act differently in everything we do, embracing change and championing technology to drive performance, environmental efficiency and create more healthy and sustainable communities.

Future London

We are building a sustainable legacy for this great city and committing to London’s future, creating space for a thriving economy with positive social impact at the very heart of it.

Hear from our customers

You've read about and heard from our people, now hear from our customers. Owning and managing all our buildings means we put our customers at the heart of everything we do.

Watch the film below to see what GPE and our brand pillars mean to our customers.

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