Our guiding principles for design


Our Guiding Principles for Design help us to create spaces for London to thrive. The world of the workplace continues to rapidly evolve and in order to stay ahead of occupiers’ needs, these guiding principles provide a transparent checklist for our consultants to consider in the design and operation of our assets.

We design schemes that fulfil our occupiers’ needs and help users thrive by enhancing their everyday experience

Our Guiding Principles for Design

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We demonstrate this by:

  • Designing workspace that evokes enthusiasm and positively influences occupiers and users
  • Energising the arrival experience
  • Thinking ahead to provide adaptable, flexible workspaces
  • Delivering a variety of working environments
  • Delivering on our promises, procuring on time and to the best quality
  • Actively promoting health and wellbeing
  • Embracing technology to create intelligent buildings
  • Committing to excellent levels of service and amenity

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"Our Guiding Principles for Design define what will make each and every GPE development unique. Based on our consultation, experience and research they allow us to respond to create the workplace of tomorrow."

James Pellatt Director of Workplace and Innovation

We design schemes that contribute positively to the local community

We demonstrate this by:

  • Collaborating to understand local priorities and securing long-term benefits for our community
  • Considering improvements that positively impact on community, health and wellbeing

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We design schemes that reflect the character, diversity and inclusivity of London

We demonstrate this by:

  • Creating unique space that is appropriate for its location
  • Collaborating on design in an open minded, inclusive and responsive environment
  • Being forward thinking, energetic and bold in our decision-making
  • Designing sustainable space that performs well

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