Our integrated team


Your career with us can take many different paths. Discover more about the four specialist areas of our integrated team, or a specific business function (e.g. Marketing, IT or HR) below.

"We have built our organisation around four specialist areas in order to make the best use of specific expertise. However, everyone in the organisation knows that our success depends on us all working together as a single integrated team."

Nick Sanderson Chief Financial & Operating Officer

Development management

In order for us to maximise the value we can achieve from the portfolio, it is critical that we match our development activity to the appropriate points in the cycle, delivering new buildings into a supportive occupational market when quality space is scarce and demand is resilient. Our Development management team leads this process, from start to finish, from small scale building refurbishments up to large scale redevelopments.

Our development managers create the design, assess the viability and negotiate consents with the planning authorities of our prospective developments. They work closely with our project managers who source the construction, manage the delivery and help commission the building once complete. Our leasing team provides input into the design early in the process and work with the project and development managers to create the marketing campaign and targeting pre-lets, where appropriate, to help reduce our letting risk.

The design, quality and sustainability of our buildings rests on our development team, in collaboration with our leasing and asset management teams, understanding what modern occupiers require from their space, ensuring the properties let well and stand the test of time.

"Our 1.5 million sq ft development programme covers 40% of the existing portfolio and provides a deep pool of opportunities stretching into the coming decade."

Andrew White Development Director

Investment management

Buying well and selling at the right time is key to delivering strong portfolio returns. Our Investment management team’s knowledge of our local markets and close network of advisers enable us to successfully purchase properties that meet our tightly defined acquisition criteria, including:

  • Complex properties in attractive locations
  • Purchase price beneath replacement cost
  • Off-market
  • Low average rents per sq ft
  • Short to medium-term income
  • Development potential

Every asset has a business plan; these are updated quarterly and provide estimates of returns, under a range of market scenarios. These plans also help to inform our sales activities, with the assets providing the lower risk adjusted returns, often being sold, and the proceeds recycled into better performing opportunities.

Portfolio management

We consider that a close relationship with our occupiers is vital to our success. As a result, we manage all aspects of our property portfolio in-house, owning the relationship with our customers, enabling us to continually refine our understanding of what they want and how we can meet their needs.

Our asset managers oversee a diverse portfolio of 390 occupiers across London and are responsible for maximising returns from their properties. They also work closely with our development managers to ensure that vacant possession is achieved on a timely basis ahead of key development starts, wherever possible relocating occupiers to other buildings within our portfolio.

A further key offering to our occupiers are our in-house building managers who are responsible for building and facilities management. Together with a dedicated help desk, their regular interaction with occupiers helps us to know what is important to people in the day-to-day running and occupation of their building.

Financial management

Robust financial management is the cornerstone of our operations.  We seek to minimise the cost of our capital through the appropriate mix of equity and low cost debt finance, and to ensure that we have access to sufficient capital to implement our business plans.

As a result, we maintain a regular dialogue with shareholders, potential shareholders and debt providers through a comprehensive investor relations programme to ensure we have access to capital should we require it.

Our preference for low financial leverage provides security in London’s cyclical property market and gives us the financial flexibility to make the most of new investment opportunities as they arise.

"The Group’s strong financial position reflects the successful execution of our strategic priorities."

Martin Leighton Director of Corporate Finance

Other business functions at GPE

  • We have a vibrant marketing team, tasked with promoting our properties and business
  • HR looks after the welfare and development of our employees and helps to attract new talent
  • IT plays a vital role in enabling our business to function inside and outside of the office
  • Our sustainability team keeps responsible development and management of our buildings at the heart of our strategy
  • Our finance and company secretarial teams manages the day-to-day finances, provides best in class financial reporting and corporate governance, and manages reporting to external stakeholders including our joint venture partners and HMRC

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