Six leading European real estate companies pool their best practices and experience and create a sustainability and innovation thinktank

21 December 2017


Olivier Elamine (CEO of alstria), Manfredi Catella (Founder & CEO of COIMA RES), Pere Viñolas Serra (CEO of Colonial), Méka Brunel (CEO of Gecina), Toby Courtauld (CEO of Great Portland Estates) and Bernd Stahli (CEO of NSI) agreed to create a thinktank that will group together the sustainability and innovation best practices and research of the six European REITs.

This forum for exchanges and initiatives will be complementary with the actions taken by each of the companies. It will be a framework for research projects, and any other initiative aimed at strengthening their capacity for innovation and implementing sustainability best practices.

Alstria, COIMA RES, Colonial, Gecina, Great Portland Estates and NSI are leaders in their respective real estate markets. Their complementary positioning will make it possible to benefit from a pan-European scale with deep expertise across the German, Italian, Spanish, French, British and Dutch markets.

The real estate industry faces some major changes in terms of the expectations of its customers and prospects and it is also witnessing a genuine technological revolution. The idea to bring together the research and best practices of major European operators such as alstria, COIMA RES, Colonial, Gecina, Great Portland Estates and NSI illustrates the conviction that concrete initiatives will be triggered by carrying out joint research and exchanging experiences from our respective markets and projects.

Olivier Elamine, Manfredi Catella, Pere Viñolas Serra, Méka Brunel, Toby Courtauld and Bernd Stahli

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