Our employees


Our people care passionately about both their work and the success of our organisation, collaborating with others, inside and outside the Company, to deliver great results that benefit GPE and all those who have a stake in our business.


of our employees would recommend GPE as a great place to work

2022 GPE Engagement Survey

As a small organisation in people terms, with a headcount of just around 100, GPE is small enough for us to get to know everyone individually and for the contribution of every single person to really count. 

Our talented team brings together specialist skills which they use in a disciplined approach to our portfolio, on an asset-by-asset basis to ensure the achievement of our strategic priorities.

"Our culture and people lie at the heart of our ability to achieve our strategic priorities, unlocking value across our portfolio. Our culture is fundamental to our ability to attract, develop, motivate and retain our talented people."

Toby Courtauld Chief Executive

How we communicate with our employees


of our employees believe in what GPE is trying to achieve

2022 GPE Engagement Survey

Openness and frequency are hallmarks of communications at GPE, between colleagues in the same team and across teams; between individuals/teams and our stakeholders, including occupiers, service partners, joint venture partners, the local community, shareholders and government bodies.

We hold regular weekly, monthly and quarterly forums for people to share the functional issues of the day. We also use our open relaxed social ‘collision’ space to hold informal meetings both internally and with external visitors alike to great effect.

Quarterly updates are held at our head office or at a building in our portfolio. These updates keep employees up to speed with GPE initiatives and the performance and successes of the business as a whole. The updates also showcase the work done by the asset, building management, development, project, leasing and finance teams involved in the particular building redevelopment or refurbishment.

Two-way communication is essential and, in addition to day-to-day conversations; we use questionnaires, an annual employee survey and working groups to encourage active engagement with employees to ensure we are constantly working to improve how we operate.

Our personalised approach


of our employees say their work gives them a personal feeling of accomplishment

2022 GPE Engagement Survey

People at GPE often comment on the individualised approach we take towards our employees, much more so than they have experienced elsewhere, and how much this means to them.

We think this approach enables us to get the very best out of our people; this extends from intensive tailored induction programmes, through to personal development plans for everyone. We also consider employees’ strengths and use this insight to guide the allocation of work and the projects we involve people with.

We encourage people to be innovative, whilst still maintaining a disciplined approach and instilling a strong sense of personal responsibility for active risk management. We also take the time to recognise people and teams’ achievements on completion of transactions and developments, in both our day-to-day interactions and as part of our quarterly recognition awards for those who have ‘gone the extra mile’. 

On a more personal front, we support employees in raising monies for charities that they are passionate about by making contributions to add to their own fund-raising efforts.

Promoting teamwork

At the same time as focusing on individuals, teamwork is an essential component of our success and enables us to get the most from our property assets across their lifecycle. Key to this is our inclusive style, with recognition of a project’s success being based upon the contribution and positive interaction of every member within and across our teams.

On joining the organisation, we ask all our employees to complete behavioural profiling that enables them to better understand how to work optimally with people who have different preferences and profiles to themselves. We encourage people to liaise with colleagues from other teams and departments at every level. 

In addition to recognising an individual’s efforts, we award bonuses for the achievement of Group goals, with the remuneration structure reinforcing our view that GPE’s success is down to people coming together to work as a team.

What greater together means to us

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