16 Dufour's Place


Standout features

"The concept at 16 Dufour’s Place offers private office floors designed with their own facilities, as well as having the benefit of a communal lounge space and terraces, giving businesses a sense of ownership of their space. We designed the scheme, which achieved a SKA Gold Rating, to maximise flexibility – the space can be easily be adapted between a ‘Day 1’ scenario and ‘Day 2 growth’ scenario with minimal physical alterations allowing the businesses to grow within the space. The aesthetic was developed to ensure longevity of the base scheme whilst creating contemporary insertions of materials, furniture and finishes in order to feel relevant to the Soho customer base."

Michael Fern Director, Edge

Transport links

  • Oxford Circus 6 minutes' walk
  • Piccadilly Circus 6 minutes' walk
  • Tottenham Court Road 9 minutes' walk

Types of available space

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